How Much Luggage Can I Take on KLM?

Take Your Luggage on a KLM Flight

KLM is an airline in the Netherlands that maintains its services in the best way to offer them to passengers in all aspects. Usually, passengers are not aware of the Luggage they are allowed to take on their KLM ticket. And want to know about the number of Luggage can I taken on KLM; if you are one of them, so, flush away your doubts and go through the next piece of information.

Luggage Allowed in KLM

Allowance of Luggage for the passengers depends upon the ticket type you own right now. You may be an Economy, Premium, or Premium class ticket holder, so you will get the services accordingly. Let's get the baggage information separately:-

  • Economy class passenger:- You do not have to take checked-in baggage with you as it is not allowed on your ticket. Economy class ticket owners may hold carry-on bags and personal accessories like jackets, hats, or walking sticks.
  • Premium comfort class passenger:- If you have a premium class ticket, you can bring 2 pieces of Luggage as a checked-in suitcase. It must not be over 23 kg in weight and under the size of 158 cm. Apart from this, you can take your personal shoulder bag with you to your sitting area.
  • A business class passenger:- In the class, you are allowed to take 2 items of checked-in bags with you and can bring handbags to your seats. Your checked-in bag must be under the weight of 32 kg and have a dimension of a maximum of 158 cm.

Baggage Policies to Remember with KLM 

Every airline maintains the rules of Luggage for the passengers, so it may not affect the flights in any situation. Policies for extra baggage are variable as per your destination, whether domestic or international.

  • In some situations, you can also bring a checked-in bag in Economy class. Your Luggage must not exceed 23 kg in weight, and Its amount may be charged by the airline, ranging from $35 onwards.
  • If you have extra Luggage with you in Premium class or Business class, and you want to bring an extra suitcase, then some applicable fees will be paid. New Luggage would be under 23 kg and under 158 cm (Length - Breadth - Height).

Other Options to Get Luggage Information

You are free to be in touch with KLM through the KLM Contact Number 1800-618-0104. Make a call to the KLM helpdesk and connect your call with a KLM passenger representative. You have to listen to the IVR recorded words to lead your call. When you will share your ticket and flight information, you will be provided with brief information about your Luggage, weight, dimensions, and handbag.

If you bring your Luggage to the airport and want to take it on a flight, then you can also follow the payment and extra luggage procedure at the luggage check-in point. Apart from dialing a KLM Phone Number, you may also access the other customer services of KLM, including online chat, email, and social media handles. To avail of these customer support options, you may reach the KLM official website.

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