What is the Baggage Policy for Delta Airlines?

You have made a plan to fly with Delta Airlines to your desired destination. And, you have done your booking with it. And, now you want to know about the information regarding how much baggage you can carry while on board the flight. However, to know about the baggage information, Delta Airlines make baggage policy. And, now, you are searching about how you will know about the policy. Thus, here in this article, you will know about the Baggage Policy for Delta Airlines. So, for that, you need to track down the following article that is situated in this article. 

Carry-on size and Weight

The airline size limit for flights has changed to 55 x 36 x 23 cm, including wheel and handle at 8 kg. And must make sure it is more than 45 inches. If it exceeds the Weight or dimensions, it will be considered checked baggage.

Height and Weight of Checked Baggage

moreover, if You are carrying checked baggage, you should measure it to ensure its dimensions are 62 inches and 157 cm, including wheels and Hold, and its Weight does not exceed 23 kg or 50 pounds.

Personal Item

Personal items such as B. handbag, briefcase or laptop bag and doctor 22*14*9 inches or smaller, including wheels and handles, weigh up to 50 lbs.

How much does Baggage Cost at Delta Airlines?

Airlines provide free personal items and hand luggage until passengers do not exceed their height and Weight. Once you exceed, it will be charged as placed. Baggage or cannot be taken.

  • The standard check-in price is $30 for the first bag, $40 for the second bag, and $100 for the third or add-on case.

  • If you are a Delta Airlines Visa®, Delta Airlines Visa® Business, and Delta Airlines World skymiles® Mastercard® Cardholder, the first bag is free, the second bag costs $40, and the third or additional bag costs $100.

  • If you are one of the customers traveling in First Class, MVP®, and MVP Gold and Club 49® members, the first two bags are free, and after, there are changes of $100 per bag.

  • There is one baggage allowance of up to 3 bags for exclusive Delta Intrastate ticketed customers with MVP Gold 75,000 and MVP Gold 100,000 miles. Plant, then $100 Baggage Fees.

Excess Baggage Fees

  • If they carried the baggage exceeds the size and Weight, up to

  • Depending on the fare type and the checked baggage, the policy will be charged 100 $.

  • If your baggage is between 50 and 100 pounds or between 62 and 157 inches (linear) will be charged $100, the airline does not allow more than 100 pounds and a linear dimension of 157".

Who is free from the Baggage Rules?

  • Passengers of the Delta premium select, business class, Delta first class, and Delta one. 

  • The U.S Military members travel as per the order of the government.

  • And, Passengers who have a membership of Sky Miles Diamond Gold, Silver, or Platinum.

Therefore, this article helped obtain the baggage fee and Delta Baggage Policy. So, if you further, have any issues in taking the baggage information, contact the Delta Airlines Phone Number and solve all kinds of issues. So, don't hesitate to contact Delta Airlines for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many bags does Delta allow for free?  

If you are flying with Delta Airlines, you must know how many bags you are allowed to carry onboard at no charge. Below is the detail; please have a look:

  • Delta allows you to carry 2 checked baggage for free (for first, Premium Select or Delta one class.)

  • A medallion member can carry 3 bags with a maximum weight of 31 KG each. 

How many bags are you allowed with Delta?

Delta offers you an opportunity to carry 1 carry-on bag along with 1 personal item at no cost, and if you exceed the limits, additional charges may be imposed by the airline. 

How many kilos does Delta allow?

If you are flying with Delta, you must know the maximum weight allowance on Delta, and for this, you are advised to read out the point mentioned below:

  • Your checked baggage must not exceed a weight of 23 KGs each, and if it exceeds, a charge will be imposed by the airline. 

 Do you get 1 free checked bag with Delta?

Delta Airlines naturally considers the passengers' first bag for free at check-in, but there is only one condition attached to it: the bag must be under the weight as prescribed in the airline's baggage policy. If you have any unclarity, you can get in touch with the airline at their phone number. 

Does Delta charge for all checked bags? 

You can carry 2 bags, one carry-on and the other a personal item for free as checked bags, and if you exceed the limit, you will have to pay some charges to the airline. 

How many kilos does Delta allow? 

Unlike other airlines, Delta allows passengers to carry 23 KGs or 50 pounds to passengers, so they do not encounter any issues with respect to the baggage allowance and other doubts with respect to the same. 

Does Delta allow 2 free checked bags?

To provide the best experience to passengers so their journey can become remarkable, Delta offers passengers to carry 2 checked baggage for free. (Primarily for Delta Premium Select, First class, Delta one.) 

What is the weight limit for Delta international flights?

There is always a concern among passengers about the weight limitations with Delta; you must note there is a limit for international travel of 31.75 KGs. And if you exceed the limitations, there is a charge imposed by the airline, and the worst can be a denial of checking-in. So, you are suggested to reach out to the airline's customer executive to inquire more about the same. 

 What is the baggage weight limit for international flights?

To understand the weight limits for International flights, you are suggested to go through the points mentioned below, and you will have a better idea:

  • A maximum must be below 31.75 KG If your flight is between Europe/North Africa and North/South/Central America. 

  • If the limits exceed, you will be imposed certain charges by the airline. 

What happens if your checked bag is over 50 pounds Delta?

You are suggested to read the points mentioned below to view scenarios if weight exceeds 50 pounds. :

  • If your weight exceeds on Domestic flights, you will be charged around $100 by the airline. 

  • If it is an International Airline, the charge imposed by the airline is around $200. 


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