Air France Airlines Airport office in Douala

Air France airline is the national carrier of the country. The airline's passengers have always given the airline the best rating regarding its services and facilities. Additionally, they have also provided Air France Airlines' contact number. The airline operates from many airports, including Douala airport, Cameroon. The airport offers the best hospitality to its passengers and assists them in resolving their queries and concerns. There can arise situations where you need to contact the airport or the Air France office in Douala, but how? The information below will help you learn about the Douala airport and Air France airline at the airport. 

  • Air France Douala Phone number: +237 2 33 50 15 15
  • Douala Airport's official phone number: (+237) 2 33 42 35 77
  • Dial the number and listen to the IVR prompts.
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Once connected with the live representative, communicate your concerns with him for a solution. 

Douala Airport Social Media Links: If you need help contacting the airport by calling their phone number, you can connect with them on their social media account. Either DM them your query or post your concern by tagging the airline's account. 





Air France Official website:

Doula Airport Official website:

Air France Douala Airport Address: 35 Ave des Cocotiers, Douala, Cameroon

International Code of the Airport: DLA 


Terminals at the Douala Airport: 4 Terminals. 

Air France Terminal at Douala Airport: Terminal 1 is used by Air France for the arrival and departure of its flights at Douala Airport.

Opening hours of the Douala Airport:  The airport remains open for 24 hours. Visit the airport anytime to get help from the staff available at the help desk. 

Reasons to contact Douala Airport? 

Passengers can contact the airport for any query or complaint. The airport staff handles questions and complaints in a manner that provides the best solution to the passengers. Following are some of the reasons to contact the airport: 

  1. To know about the covid related guidelines.
  2. To complain about baggage lost at the airport.
  3. To learn about the facilities offered by the airport.
  4. For wheelchair assistance.
  5. To raise a complaint about inconvenience faced at the airport.
  6. To inform about any suspicious activity happening at the airport. 
  7. For special assistance. 
  8. To learn about the terminals of the airport.
  9. To raise a complaint about any ground staff of the airport. 
  10. To know about nursing facilities.
  11. To learn about VIP services.
  12. To learn about parking zone at the airport. 
  13. Ask them about the rules and regulations at the airport.
  14. To learn about the opening hours of the airport. 

What are the services provided at the Douala International Airport? 

The airport provides immense services to its passengers so they can have a good time waiting for their flight's arrival. The services that the airport offers decide how much the passenger satisfaction level will be. The services provided at the Douala International airport are as follows: 

  • Welcome
  • ATMs and currency exchange
  • Job
  • Internet
  • Police and security
  • Baggage packing
  • call center
  • Lounges, VIP lounges
  • Baggage scale
  • Last-minute tickets
  • Health
  • Baggage disputes
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Cabin baggage size
  • Shops, press, and duty-free

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