What is booking Reference Number in British Airways?

A flight ticket is the gateway to reach your destination anywhere in the world. There are various things imprinted on your flight ticket, such as the passenger's name, origin, and arrival information, time to board the flight, assigned seat number, and booking reference number. The booking reference number is significant for the passengers during the completion of their journey. Follow this post to learn more. 

Booking reference number in British Airways 

Passengers flying for the first time may have encountered the word "Booking Reference Number," as the name suggested. This is a number that shows the confirmation number for your flight. This booking number is a mixture of letters and numbers, and each passenger gets a different booking reference number, making it unique. If you look at your ticket, you will find a 6-digit number that is your booking reference number for British Airways flights. In the flight ticket, British Airways does not use numbers 0 or 1 in their reference number on the issued flight ticket.  


How do I find my booking reference number for a ticket? 

As you book the British Airways flight ticket either online or by talking with any executive, the airways share an electronic ticket with you at your email address. Open your email and download the e-ticket; here, you will see information like the name of the passengers, destination details, and seat number. One more piece of information about the British Airways booking number can be found printed beneath the "Booking Reference" on the ticket. 

How do I check flight status by booking reference number? 

A booking reference number is important to get the details about your flight. You will be surprised to know how readily you can check your flight status just by using your British Airways reference number:  

  • Navigate through the site of British Airways. 
  • Visit the Manage option on the top bar. 
  • You need to input your booking reference number. 
  • Now, immediately hit the search tab to retrieve flight information. 
  • You can find out your flight status on the on-screen details. 

What can people do with their booking reference number? 

  • Check-in process: A check-in process helps passengers get on their accurate flight. Whether a passenger is doing online check-in or airport check-in, they will need their booking reference number to proceed. 
  • Cancellation: British Airways allows their passengers to cancel their flight tickets before their departure. The cancellation process can be done online, with the help of the executive, or at the airport; the passenger needs to utilize the booking reference number, and then the cancellation can be made swiftly. 
  • Upgrade: In a situation where a passenger booked an average British Airways flight but now wants an upgrade, then they can access the upgrade facility by reaching their official website. Here, the Airways asks for a few information such as booking reference number, name, and other details. 


To begin with, British Airways offers different amenities to their passengers. This post will give the passengers information related to the British booking reference number. For more details, call the British airways booking phone number and get support easily. 

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