Can I Change my Flight Date Last Minute?

Change Flight Date at the Last Minute

Suppose your plan has changed at the last minute, and you will not be able to board your booked flight but requires to reach the destination on another date. In this case, you must be wondering if Can I change my flight date last minute. If this question is in your head, then do not worry, as changes can be made till the departure of the flight but with the waiver charges. Changes can be made online through the airline's Manage Booking option or by contacting the customer team.

Policy Of Changing Flight Date

If one requires to change the flight date at the last minute, then there are some policies which are mentioned below:

  • Date changes can be made before the flight's scheduled departure.
  • Flight changes through the airline's customer support or website can be possible if the purchase has been made directly from them.
  • Flight date change charges are compulsory for last-minute rescheduling.
  • The next flight you book might be more costly than your current booking. In this case, you are required to pay the increased fare at the airline.
  • The charges for date change vary depending on the flight fare and cancellation timing.
  • Some airlines allow passengers to change the date after check-in as well.

Online Process Of Changing a Flight Date 

All the airlines provide changes on the bookings online. If you must change your flight's date to the same day, then you need to visit the airline's official site from where you have booked your flight ticket. It is an easy and convenient option to change the date or reschedule a flight.

Steps to Change Date Online:

  • First, you need to open the airline's website on your device,
  • Then go to the Manage Booking or My Trips section, whichever is present,
  • Put your booking confirmation or PNR number and the passenger's name,
  • Hit the search button to view your booking,
  • Now, select the flight you want to reschedule on a new date,
  • Set the new date to search flight availability,
  • Select a flight on the new date to reschedule,
  • Pay the charges of the date change and the increased fare amount with online mode.

Offline Process Of Changing a Flight Date 

Passengers who require a flight ticket on a date for their existing booking can also reach out to the customer service team of the concerned airline. Their representatives can reschedule your flight at the last minute flight. If you want to contact an officer for a date change, adhere to the following steps.

Steps to Change Date Offline:

  • Dial the customer care number of the airline,
  • Select your desired language for assistance,
  • Press the desired key based on the IVR to speak with a person,
  • Then you will be connected with the official who will help you to change the date on your booked flight.
  • The connected person will ask for your PNR number and last name for the rescheduling of the flight.

Hence, if you have urgent work on the day of your flight and wonder how I will Change my flight date last minute, then the above online and offline process will guide you. Read the process, pick an option to change your flight date, and quickly reschedule your flight.


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