Can I Change my Return Flight Date Finnair?

Finnair is the primary operating airline of Finland, and the major shareholder of this airline is the government of Finland. Date change is not a big issue if you are traveling with Finnair and following their policy conditions to change the trip date. Passengers can feel free to follow procedures to modify their return date. If you are wondering How to change my return flight date Finnair due to a sudden change in events, you can get a lot of information in this article.

What is the flight date change policy of Finnair?

Please follow the following set of rules to change your return flight date on Finnair:

  • If your booking has not passed more than 24 hours, you can change the date without paying any fee. This grace period is valid on every ticket.

  • Non-refundable ticket holders cannot change the date on their flight after this grace period.

  • No further change in any section of your reservation is permitted after you make one change in a single reservation.

  • For multiple passengers in one reservation, the return date of other passengers will automatically change if you change one passenger’s booking.

How to change your return flight date on Finnair?

Two methods can help you to change the date. You can learn about these in the below section.

Via offline method:

Customer service assistance can complete the change process for you. Contacting customer service can solve your issue in the following steps:

  • Navigate through the website of Finnair,

  • Go to the Contact section.

  • Select your region and proceed to the contact page.

  • In the customer service contacts, look for their phone number.

  • You will get Finnair phone number, +19294746049.

  • Please pay attention to the IVR instructions and follow them accordingly.

  • Soon an agent will speak to you.

  • Request them to change your return flight date by providing valid information.

  • They will change it for you.

  • Pay the change fee and the service charge to complete the process.

  • Customer service is available from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 8 pm. On Saturday and Sunday, you can get them between 8 am and 6 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

  • They will send your flight ticket to your registered email.

Via online method:

Online methods will include visiting their website and changing the date with self-service. You can take the following steps to change your return flight date:

  • Search for the website of Finnair on your browser.

  • Go to the Manage section.

  • Please enter your surname and booking number to get the booking details.

  • Look for the date section. Change your new date and click on the Search button.

  • A list of flights available will appear on the page.

  • Select the one that fits your schedule.

  • Confirm it and pay the charges if applicable.

  • You will get your new flight date ticket via email, confirming that the change process has been completed successfully.


If a passenger wants to make changes to the date section of their return ticket, they can do it as they follow the terms and conditions of Finnair to do so. You can contact them at the Finnair contact number or by managing it on their website. You can complete the change process within a given time frame. 

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