Can you Change Flights Back for Ethiopian Airline?


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Ethiopian Airlines is a flag carrier of Ethiopia, initially known as Ethiopian Air Lines. The airline provides a flexible policy to which you can make unlimited date changes in your travel in situations like covid, flight cancellation, etc. However, in general, situations, whether you could change your flight back depends on the system's fare rules.  

To change your flight date, you can make it online by visiting the manage bookings section and also by calling Ethiopian Airlines' phone number. Moreover, you can go through the complete article below to discover every detail.

Follow the steps below to change your flights back 

  • Open the browser and go to the official site of Ethiopian Airlines 

  • Login to your account and retrieve the booking details 

  • You can also visit the Manage booking section under the menu to retrieve the bookings 

  • Enter your booking reference number and last name, and search for the booking

  • Select the ticket you want to change the date for 

  • Click on the edit reservation, select the date if available, then proceed.

  • Depending on your fare rules and fare difference, you might also need to pay the change fee.

  • Confirm the changes and follow prompts to complete the date change process

  • You will soon receive a confirmation email once the new booking is confirmed

Change the date by calling Ethiopian Airlines 

  • Call on Ethiopian Airlines phone number at +44 1753 967980

  • You can choose a service language and follow the IVR to contact an agent 

  • Once connected, you can ask the agent that you wish to make a change in the flight date

  • Provide the booking details required by the agent 

  • They will check the availability and whether you are eligible for a date change. 

  • If your fare conditions allow it, the agent will make the changes per your requirement. 

  • Follow everything, and you will soon get a confirmation email once the booking is confirmed.

  • Besides, an additional administration fee might be incurred when changing flights over the phone. 

Via Third party 

Unless your ticket is booked via Ethiopian Airlines website, by calling the contact center or at the airport, you can make the change by calling Ethiopian Airlines contact number or via the website anytime. However, if the booking is made via a third party, you need to speak directly to the travel agent to change the flight. 

Ethiopian airlines change its flight policy

  • If the plan changes, you can change your booking anytime by visiting the manage bookings section online or calling customer service.

  • You can make unlimited changes if the change is due to Covid-19, Serious illness, schedule changes, etc. However, if making changes in normal circumstances, whether the flight date change is possible depends on the fare rule.

  • You can change the ticket for free if the booking is made seven days before departure and the change you make is within 24 hours of booking. 

By reading the complete information above, you will likely get the answer to can you change flights back for Ethiopian airlines. Moreover, if you still have any doubts or need additional information, you can talk to Ethiopian airlines directly or visit the website online. Furthermore, you can also get personalized support in this regard by logging into your account. 

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