How Can I Change my Flight Date with Air Transat?

Want to change your flight date with Air Transat? Get everything you need to know

It's pretty frustrating when you book your flight and need to change the plan for some reason. But thanks to Air Transat's flexible flight policies, things have become easy now. Today if your ticket conditions allow, you can easily change the flight date without any hassle, and the process is quite simple also.

Air Transat allows you to change the booking by visiting its official website and calling the Air Transat Phone number. We will discuss the detailed procedure in the article below; you can go through it to stay upgraded. 

Ways to change your Flight date with Air Transat 

Here you can find various ways to change your flight date with Air France. Besides, if you book the ticket via a third party, speak to your agent directly for any modification.

Change the ticket online

  • Open the browser and go to the Air Transat website

  • You can locate the manage my booking section at the top

  • Now enter your first name, last name, the confirmation number, and departure date, and click on continue 

  • Select the ticket you wish to change and click on the change/cancel button 

  • Then select the new date from the list available and confirm it 

  • You might also need to pay the change fee, so pay for it on the payment page

  • Once the change is complete, you will soon receive a confirmation email 

Change the flight date via Phone

  • Dial Air Transat number 1-877-TRANSAT (872-6728) on mobile 

  • Select your language and then follow the IVR to talk to the Air Transat agent

  • Once connected, you can request that you wish to change the flight date

  • Provide booking details, and confirm your preference, and they will check the availability 

  • You can verify the new date, and the Air Transat team executive will complete the modification

  • Soon you will get a confirmation email from the airline

You can use any options above to change your flight date with Air France. Besides, remember when you make changes over the Phone by calling on Air Transat contact number, you might need to pay an additional administration fee. You can also change the ticket dates at the airport, but it's quite a lengthy process. 

Let's check out Air Transat's change booking terms and conditions. 

  • When changing flight dates with Air France, you might need to pay the change fee depending on your ticket condition. However, you can avoid that if the departure is after seven days and you change the booking within 24 hours. 

  • Changing flight dates is subject to availability; if available, you can change the ticket online and offline.

  • Unless you book the ticket on a website, via a call center, or at the airport, you can change the ticket from the same sources. But if your booking is made via a third party, you can contact the travel agent directly to make any changes. 

In conclusion, there are several ways to change your booking with Air Transat. However, if you have any confusion or need additional information about how to change my flight date with Air Transat, visit the official website or speak to an agent to get further details. You can also log in to your Air Transat account and get personalized support. 

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