How Can I Email Air Transat?

If you have made a flight reservation via Air transat and during your trip, you come across such a situation that you think must be reported to the airlines; then you can send an email to register it formally. Now, if you are thinking, “How Can I email Air Transat?” Then you must use the process described below.

Procedure to email Air Transat:

Air Transat allows customers to send an email to request a refund or to share their traveling experience by filing a request form using the steps described below;

  • Visit the official Air Transat Airlines website.

  • You can also use the mobile application.

  • Now you must log in to your Air Transat account.

  • Tap on the contact us section and choose your issue from the list provided.

  • Now you will be displayed a link to send an email. Tap on the link.

  • You will be navigated to another page. You must provide all the required details and not leave any mandatory field empty.

  • Also, you must give a quick description of your issue in the message box and attach the supporting documents.

  • Finally, after reviewing your details, you must tap on the submit button to send a message.

  • After a short while, you will be informed about submitting a request on your registered number. 

Is there any other way to communicate with Air Transat?

Yes, there are multiple mediums to get assistance from Air Transat. Apart from sending an email, customers can use any of the below-mentioned alternatives to get in touch with the airlines to eliminate their issues:

Seek guidance via phone: If you are unable to make a flight reservation online and you wish to receive live guidance, then you can call customer service by dialing Air Transat Phone number: 1-877- (872-6728). The phone service is available 24/7. Soon after a few rings, your call will be welcomed by a recorded voice that will provide the following IVR menu to the callers. They must select one number to proceed further:

  • Press 1: To make a flight booking
  • Press 3: To make flight changes
  • Press 5: To cancel a flight
  • Press 7: To request a refund
  • Press #: To request a callback

Your call will be forwarded to the corresponding representative according to the selected number. You can ask them to make your booking or resolve any other airline-related issue.

Save your time by getting instant assistance via live chat:

If time-saving is your priority and you cannot receive live assistance by dialing the Air Transat contact number, then you can use the facility live chat provided by the airline. To utilize this instant problem-solving method, customers are required to follow the instructions provided below:

  • Visit the official web page of the airline.

  • After logging into your account, navigate to the contact us section.

  • Click on the chat icon at the extreme bottom of the contact page.

  • Press the “start chat” button.

  • Now you need to press on “continue as a guest.”

  • Ask your question in the space provided and click on the arrow key to send your message.

  • Soon you will be assisted by an Air Transat virtual assistant, who will provide you with an instant solution. 

  • You can also request a callback according to your available time by providing contact details in the message box. 

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