How do I Cancel my Viva Air Flight?

There are various moments that you might want to cancelation of a ticket that you have previously reserved using any of the modes that are there, and if you want to know ways to Cancel my Viva air flight, then you have to carry on reading as after this you get to know some ways that you can use and make cancelation of your ticket possible, and you can use any of the ways of cancelation, and after using them, you can cancel your ticket 

What are the policies of Viva air?

Various policies are made after reading those, you can get clarity on the cancelation of tickets they are 

  • If you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of the purchase, then you are entitled to a full refund 

  • You can cancel a domestic flight prior to 2 hours before the departure, and if you are traveling internationally then you can cancel your ticket 3 hours prior to departure 

  • Suppose you have not canceled your ticket and you haven't traveled then you are not entitled to a refund 

What is the process for canceling a ticket? 

Cancelation using an offline process

If you want to make cancelation the ticket you purchased recently, then you have first to make a call to Viva air flight phone number, which is 17862337690 after you connect to the portal, first you have to select a language and then select your issues, and after that ask them to cancel tickets purchased recently then they are going to ask pnr as well as tell them last name, and they can make sure that your ticket canceled you then receive an email for the same 

Cancelation using an online process

One of the most commonly used processes to cancel tickets that you have purchased with Viva air is using manage my trips as you can use it from anywhere, and that makes it a very easy process you can complete this process from your office or somewhere else where you are having internet connectivity and this way you can also avoid long waiting you can use the following steps that can ensure your ticket cancelation that you have purchased 

  • First, you have to go to the website of viva air

  • Then you have to click on manage my trips

  • Provide your pnr and your last name 

  • You have to then click on submit

  • After that, you can click on the ticket that you want to cancel and complete this process til the last step

  • Finally, after the cancelation of your ticket, you are notified of the cancelation in your email, and that confirms this process

There are various reasons that you might want to make a cancelation and there are multiple ways of achieving that if you are someone who is looking to cancel your ticket then you must read the policies and then you can use one of the multiple processes you have to know to make cancelation, and you can also use Viva Air flight contact number or you can use manage my trips for that 

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