How do I contact Turkish Airlines in Lebanon?

Once a reservation is made with Turkish Airlines, the Airline promises to offer exemplary customer service as part of the travel journey that you make. The customer support team ensures that you get unblemished service options to make it a seamless travel experience. Herein, if you would like to know how I contact Turkish Airlines in Lebanon, the particulars of the same are given here for you to understand. 

Connecting channels available with Turkish Airlines:

There are divergent modes available with Turkish Airlines from which you can choose the best method that suits your requirements in accordance with the need that arises for you. The details of the same are explained here as follows:

Placing a call with Turkish Airlines:

The team with the Airline can be connected by means of a call that can be placed via the Turkish Airlines phone number from Lebanon, which would help you talk to a live representative from the team. Once you dial the number +908503330849, after a specific holding time, the customer support team will get connected as required. You need to specify the reason for placing the call, after which the team will assign a representative to find the necessary redressal and support as required. 

Interacting with the Airline via chat:

  • You can use the chat option provided by the Airline to get swift reverts. The chat panel with the Airline can be accessed through the methodological steps given:
  • Flick through the official website of Turkish Airlines. 
  • Search over the page to find the Help tab. 
  • From all the drop-down options provided, choose the Help Center link. 
  • The new page would display the dialogue box for chat. 
  • You can type in the interface as per the query or information you have.
  • The representative would give the response as needed. 

Drafting in an email to Turkish Airlines:

An email can also be shared with the Airline's customer service team in situations when you need help from the team. The email address with the Airline is BEYOPS@THY.COM, where you can share all the details and attachments for the team to make a reference. The team would review the mail shared and accordingly give a response within 24 hours of receiving the mail. 

What are the customer service hours with Turkish Airlines?

You can dial the Turkish Airlines phone number during the customer service hours of 09:00 to 16:00 hours from Friday through Monday. On weekends, the call can be dialed in between 09:00 and 13:00. The representative would only be available during this time period, so you need to establish a connection with them during this time. 

Does Turkish Airlines give WhatsApp support?

Yes, Turkish Airlines does provide support through WhatsApp. The number associated with the same is 908503330849, where you can send in a Hii as required. The direct WhatsApp web link is also provided on the official website, which can also be accessed to initiate the chat with the Airline. 

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