How do I Email Royal Air Maroc?

If any of the processes are concerning when you make a reservation or cancel, you can immediately contact the customer service of Royal Air Maroc. If you are wondering How do I email Royal Air Maroc, you can use the simple steps that are listed below.

  • When you need information about Royal Air customer service, you will first have to visit the official page.

  • On the home page of Royal Air, you need to look for the contact us option,

  • Which can be easily found at the foot of the homepage.

  • Click on the option. Once you are on the contact page, you need to locate the email option and click on the option.

  • You can proceed with the process, i.e., fill out the form with the required details and submit the form.

  • Once you have submitted the email form, you will get a response according to the urgency of your email.

Usually, you will get a response within 24 to 38 hours of the submission. If you do not get any response, you can also use other options that are provided by Royal Air Maroc. If you wish to learn more about the contact information, continue reading.

The customer service phone number:

If you did not get any reply from the email you sent to customer service, you could use the Air Maroc Phone number to contact the representative. If you are not sure where you can find the customer service number, you should continue the reading.

  • If you are calling internationally i.e., outside of morocco, you can use +212 522 48 97 97. If you are calling from morocco, you can use 089000.

  • You can find an appropriate number for your country on the contact page of Royal Air Maroc.

  • Dial the given number and do as the IVR instructing.

  • Once you are connected with the live agent, you can ask your queries.

Is there a live chat option to contact Royal Air?

If you could not able to connect with a representative using the Air Maroc contact number, you can also use the live chat option offered by the airlines. If you want to connect with a representative using the live chat option, you can use the below steps:

  • You must visit the Royal Air Maroc official web page.

  • Then on the homepage, you need to look up the contact us option and click on the option.

  • When you are on the contact page, you will be able to see a tiny chat icon.

  • Click on the icon to open the chat portal, choose the topic you need solutions for, and wait for the expert to get online.

  • Once the expert is online, you can start your live conversation and get instant solutions.

Can you use social media to contact Royal Air?

Yes, you can connect to Royal Air using your social media handle. If you are not following the airlines on social media, you can use the link that is given below.

  • Facebook -

  • Instagram -

  • Twitter -

You must know that, and you might have to wait for a long time; hence read through the paragraph and use the suitable method.

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