How Do I Get a Live Agent for Booking Com?

Grasp knowledge to get a live person on

This is an online travel agency of Dutch. While getting in here, you can make reservations on Hotels, flights, cars, and Airport taxis. Apart from this, you can also locate the various package details on the selected venues. As providing the service to this subject is difficult and having doubts is ordinary. If you have any questions or confusion, approach the customer service team for the answers. Thus the information about the options to get there has been cited in the subheadings.

System to approach customer service on

There are various modes laid by the airline, and the details on that have been illustrated at the bottom:-

Via call

The preferable option is a call because here, you can have an immediate resolution or be able to describe a complicated issue easily. Moreover, to Get a live Agent for Booking Com, you can use the official number, +1 (470) 363 2501/ +1 (802) 302 5016. After this, you get to choose from the IVR menu as shown below:-

  • Tap1 to choose a preferred language.

  • And then Tap1 to purchase flight tickets

  • Tap3 to rent a car

  • Tap7 to learn about the package deals

  • Tap0 to speak with customer service.

Via chat

If you are speaking or have hearing disabilities, then you can share your question with customer service in writing through chat modes. And by using this option, you can get a quick response and for that, follow the steps that are mentioned at the bottom:-

  • Open the official website of and sign in

  • Later on, the customer service help icon

  • After that, click on the chat icon

  • And then choose start chat options.

Via email

When you have to show a receipt or the pdf file wot the customer service, try that by using its email options. Thus to share mail, you can use this address; here, you can get a revert within 12 to 48 hours. 

Via feedback form

If you have used a service, this is offered by and facing trouble related to that. And after utilizing options for live Agent for Booking Com, if you cannot get a resolution, share the feedback. With that help, you can get the attention of customer service, but the response from them could take about 24 to 72 hours. And to fill up the form, you can use the steps that have been cited at the bottom:-

  • Head to the authenticated website of

  • And then sign in to your account

  • Further, click on the customer service help options

  • After that, click on the feedback icon

  • Now, you get to fill in the details asked in it and then click on the submit options.

Via social media

If you are using social media handles, you can also get through there. The links to get there have been stated underneath, and by approaching there, you can send a direct message or tag them while making the post.

  • To get on Twitter, try this

  • And for Facebook, use this

Furthermore, the frequently asked question How do I Get a live Agent for Booking Com might not get you into trouble because the answer has been cited above.

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