How do I get hold of Air New Zealand?

Get inclusive information on how do I get hold of Air New Zealand.

Air New Zealand is one of the customer-friendly airlines known for its flexible policies and 24/7 customer support team. There are several ways to contact Air New Zealand customer care, including phone calls, email, chat support, etc. How do I get hold of Air New Zealand? You will discover the detailed information in the article below. So let's get started. 

Follow the steps below to get a hold of Air New Zealand 

  • Dial the Air New Zealand customer service number 1-800-262-1234

  • You can select English by pressing one and following the IVR instructions 

  • Press 1 for booking 

  • Press 2 for modifications 

  • Press 3 for refund/baggage 

  • Press 4 for flight status 

  • Press 5 for anything else

  • Select one option that suits you else; you can press 5

  • Now the system will take you to the department you chose

  • Say 'talk to the representative and stay on the phone

  • In a while, when a live agent joins you on the phone, share the problem, and you will get the best solution 

In this way, you can contact the airline anytime using the Air New Zealand customer service number. Besides, if the waiting period is longer, you can also opt for various other contact options that Air New Zealand provides to support its customers. 

Other ways to contact Air New Zealand customer service 

Email support:  You can use the email options to share your concern with the airline. If you have any query that needs a written response or explanation, you can email To begin:

  • Open your email account and click on the Compose an email button 

  • You need to type your subject 'it should be short and clear

  • In the body, type your email and ensure it should be precise and contain every detail

  • Attach your documents in case required

  • Now once the email is ready, send it at 

Social Media: It is one of the quickest ways to get assistance from the Air New Zealand support team. If you need to share general questions, you can message the Air New Zealand team using the links below.

  • Facebook: 

  • Twitter : 

  • Youtube: 

  • Instagram: 

Chat support: You can also chat with Oscar, 'The chatbot' of Air New Zealand, to get answers to your common queries. To do that :

  • Get on the support page and scroll down to look for the chat icon.

  • Open the chat box, Say 'Hi,' else type your questions.

  • Oscar will provide self-explanatory instructions for your questions. 

  • In case it's not helpful, type live agent and choose the appropriate options on the chat box to begin a live chat session.

Air New Zealand provides many ways to contact its support team. However, when you call the airline, sometimes the hold time is longer than expected. Talking about a How long holds on Air NZ? It can depend on the time you are calling. On regular days the hold time is for 10-15 minutes. But if you call during peak hours, it can take even 30 - 40 minutes. Some passengers also ask this question in terms of 'Fare Hold.' Air New Zealand has a feature for holding fares that allows you to hold your fare at the same price for three days.

What is the Air NZ hold policy?

  • If you want to book the flight with Air New Zealand but are still determining the plan, Air New Zealand allows you to hold your ticket for three days ( 72 hours) at the same price.

  • The fare hold is available for certain Air New Zealand flights only, mainly the ones you book online via a website and book the ticket 21 days before the travel date.

  • You cannot change the selected fares, prepaid baggage, date, or prices, once the fare hold fee is paid. 

  • When reserving a fare to/from the US, the freehold fee is refundable if you cancel it within 24 hours of holding the fare. After 24-hour passes, the fare hold fee will be non-refundable, even if you cancel the reserved fare. 

  • You can call Air New Zealand customer service at 1-800-262-1234 to cancel your reserved fare within 24 hours.

Conclusion: By reading the information, you can quickly get a hold of the airline by calling the Air New Zealand contact number anytime. Moreover, you must have also learned about the hold policy of the airline. If you require further information or have any doubts, speak to the Air New Zealand support team directly. 

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