How do I Get in Touch with Finnair?

Pile up the ways you can use to get in touch with Finnair customer service 

Finnair has a vast customer service team that deals with your queries and questions 24/7. If you need any assistance with booking or there is a schedule change, you can contact the Finnair representative anytime. 

The airline provides multiple options through which you can contact them without any hassle. Moreover, you can call the Finnair phone number to get immediate support and resolve the issues in real-time. In this article, you will learn about Finnair's contact options; ensure to read it till the end to stay updated.

How to get in touch with Finnair via phone call?

Most Finnair customers prefer a phone call as it provides real-time support and is quite simple and convenient. To connect with the airline over the phone, you can choose the Finnair contact number based on location and department from the support page and then make a call on it. Besides, here are the steps you can follow after getting the phone number:-

  • Dial the Finnair hotline number USA 1 977 757 7143 for reservation and Finnair Plus

  • You can press one and select English, press 2 for other languages 

  • Follow IVR to speak to the Finnair live person 

  • Press 1 for reservation, price-related questions 

  • Press 2 for Finnair PLUS

  • Press 3 if you are a travel agent 

  • You can select an option that suits your need and requirement 

  • Then the system will connect you to a live person in the concerned department 

  • Stay on the call, and once a live agent is available, you can discuss your issues and concern

How to Use the chat option to chat with Finnair? 

You can opt for chat support, as it helps you fix all your common queries. To connect to the airline via chat, here are the simple step-by-step method you can follow:- 

  • Get on the Finnair support page, and click on the chat button at the bottom right.

  • You need to fill in the details and click on let's chat

  • Type your message and follow the self-guided instructions

  • In case the chatbot cant serve the purpose, you can request for a live agent to come online

  • Once connected, you can start a live chat session and clear your doubts 

How to send an email to Finnair?

You can also communicate with Finnair via email to resolve issues related to feedback, concern, complaint, compliment, etc. You can use the contact form available online to email; else, compose an email and send it to the official email id of Finnair. Here is what you can do to proceed with the email:-

  • Get on the support page of Finnair on the website 

  • You can choose the Topic given on the support page, for which you need to contact Finnair

  • Follow prompt instructions, and a contact form will appear on the screen 

  • You need to fill in that form and attach a relevant document if any

  • Share the form, and after reviewing it, the Finnair team will get back to you soon 

In conclusion, one can contact a Finnair representative anytime by choosing the above options. Moreover, how do you Get in touch with Finnair? You can also use the self-service options given on the website. Otherwise, follow the airline on social media to send a direct message or get the latest updates.

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