How Do I Make a Claim with Lufthansa?

How do I claim with Lufthansa?

No one wants to hear that their flight has been delayed or, worse or has been canceled. Neither do they want to hear anything worse regarding their baggage. Lufthansa has many claim policies regarding the flights arriving or departing from the respective airport. In many situations, people can Make a Claim With Lufthansa, and they can get reimbursement on behalf of the condition they have claimed. The claim amount can vary according to the complaint they have filed regarding the issue they are facing while traveling through the Lufthansa airport. The respective airport does not want passengers to face any inconvenience while traveling to this airport. They always stand on behalf of their customers and support them in every possible way. A customer can claim in various ways.

Different Ways to Get a Claim at Lufthansa airport

Via Phone Call – A person can claim their inconvenience through a phone call. For claiming by this mode, they must have the Lufthansa Contract Number, which will easily help them claim about their inconvenience. During the phone call, the customer service executive will ask for every information to help them easily get the claim. By dialing 1800-102-5838, a person can talk to the executive present and ask for the claim on behalf of the inconvenience they faced. They can talk directly to their executive by connecting through the IVR process.

  • Press 1 for language selection
  • Press 2 for arriving and departure of the flight
  • Press 3 for cancellation and booking of the flight tickets
  • Press 4 for lost and found
  • Press 5 to talk to our customer support executive                  

Via Email – A person can ask for the claim by mailing it to the official email address of the Lufthansa Airport. Email is the most official way to connect with someone, and this airport provides its official email address on the official website of the respective airport. Passengers must provide all information regarding the flight they must travel with. This will help the passenger and the airport staff in the further procedure for the claim they have filed. If the email cannot help them, then a Lufthansa Customer Phone Number will be provided by the airport authority, which will help the passenger directly connect with the live person presented on the ground.

Via chat support – A person can go for the claim through the chat box, which is available on the right corner of the official website of the Lufthansa airport. They can raise their claim query directly, which will be resolved instantly through the chat box only. In the end, this will provide the Lufthansa contract number through which the grievance will be heard and resolved very soon.

Via Claim Form – A person can file for the claim through the claim form, which is the best way to file for any claim and this will help in resolving the query instantly. A person can find the claim form through the various steps which are as follows;

  • Go to the official website of Lufthansa
  • Go to the contact-us section
  • Go to claim and feedback option
  • Fill out the form will all the required information
  • Submit it.

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