How do I Select Seats on Air France?

An airline tries to offer a convenient traveling experience for every single passenger, and authorizing them to pick a preferred seat is one of them. So when you have made a travel plan with Air France and made a reservation the same. Further willing to select a suitable seat for a comfortable journey but unknown of the modes to conduct the process, then glance at the bottom. 

Via call 

When you do not get to follow any of the lengthy seat selection procedures, then you can choose a seat by getting a hold of airline customer service over call. For that, you can dial its phone number 1 (800) 237-2747 and then choose a relevant option from the shared telephone menu, such as:-

  • Press1 to choose a suitable language

  • Press4 for existing booking

  • And then press1 for a name change

  • Press5 to change a seat

  • Press9 to contact customer service

Via online

You may have to pay cellular charges to choose a seat through call, and you could avoid that by performing a procedure independently with the online modes. Thus, the steps for Air France seat selection are displayed at the bottom:-

  • Get to Air France's official web page 

  • Further, click on my booking icon

  • Now, submit your booking reference number with your surname.

  • And then, pick the seat icon from the next tab.

  • Further, a seat map appears, and then choose a preferable one

  • Afterward, make a payment and then click on the finish icon.

How to get free seat selection on Air France?

Whenever you could pick a seat on Air France, then you may have to pay additionally for the same. However, there are certain ways to acquire a free airline seat, and detailed information is written at the bottom.

  • When you have selected a higher cabin, such as business class, then you can choose any preferable seats.

  • If you are a loyalty program member, then also a free seat may be obtained.

  • When you choose a seat at the time of reservation, then the airline assigns any random seat for free too.

How do I pick seats on Air France?

On Air France, you can pick a seat in distinct ways, and one of those is check-in mode. Furthermore, the clues to conduct the procedure have been displayed at the bottom:-

  • Head to the official web page of Air France 

  • Now, click on the check-in cion 

  • Afterward, share any details such as ticket number with surname and flight number.

  • Later, choose a passenger and click on the check-in icon

  • On the next tab, choose the seat icon from the taskbar

  • Further, pick among the available seats and click on the continue icon.

  • Then, pay its cost with any of the available modes

  • And then, you could acquire an approval message by email and phone number. 

What is the Air France seat selection fee?

To add a seat to the Air France itinerary, you may have to pay charges and the basis of your flight ticket as well as routes. And the estimated cost for a seat selection could be around $30 to $180. When you wish to get exact information, then reach out to its customer service team. 

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