How do I Speak to Someone at Qantas?

Get to know all about Qantas Airlines Customer Service 

Qantas is an Australian Airline popular for its impeccable and intelligent customer support team. The support team at Qantas is available 24/7 to resolve your queries and questions. In case you don't know how to connect them, there are several ways. Besides, you can call on Qantas's phone number directly whenever you need instant support. In this article, you will learn about the details and go through them to stay updated.

Follow the steps below to contact a Qantas representative over the phone

  • Dial the Qanats customer hotline number 1-800-227-4500

  • Choose the service language English, and you can follow the IVR listed below

  • Press 1 to ask about travel arrangements, including classic flight rewards

  • Press 2 for the frequent flyer program, Qantas Club, Qantas Premier, or Qantas Cash 

  • Press 3 to learn about the flight status

  • Press 0 to repeat the option again

  • You can choose the options as per your preferences and proceed

  • You can also skip the options by the time system ask you to connect the live agent 

  • You can say, 'speak to a Qantas representative,' and stay on the call

  • Once the live agent is assigned, you can discuss your queries to get the best answers 

In addition to the Qantas customer service number, several other contact options are available through which you can connect with Qantas representatives. If you need to learn about them, scroll down the page below.

Alternate ways to contact Qantas customer service 

Email support 

The email option is convenient if you want to share any feedback, experience, complaint, etc. You can explain your issues in the email and share it with the airline. Here are the steps you can follow to email Qanats:-

  • You need to log in to your Email/Gmail account first

  • Then create a new email and mention the subject line 

  • Ensure to mention the confirmation number to expedite the possess

  • Type your message clearly in the body of the email 

  • Once it is ready, click on the send button and send it to the Qantas email id.

Chat support 

You can also opt for chat support to raise any common queries like booking, changing flights, flight cancellations, etc. Besides, here are the steps you can follow to connect via chat:-

  • Get on the homepage of Qanats and login into your account

  • Locate the contact us link on the screen, and you can click on it 

  • Locate the chat button at the bottom and open it 

  • Type your message, and you can choose the most appropriate link 

  • Follow the self-explanatory instructions to fix your issues 

  • You can also request the live agent in case the chatbot solutions are not satisfactory

Social Media Network 

You can also contact the airline on various social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to resolve your problem. You can follow the links available on the support page and use the message button to share your queries. You can also share comments or tweets to get the best solutions. 

So by going through the information above, you can Speak to Someone at Qantas anytime. In case you still require additional information or have any doubts, share the queries in the box below. You can also visit the support page to access self-explanatory troubleshooting links and information.  

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