How Do I Talk to Someone at Swoop?

Swoop airlines, a budget-friendly Canadian airline, serves customers traveling around Canada and the United States of America with low-cost tickets and outstanding customer service. On purchasing a ticket on Swoop airlines, you may need to speak to someone for queries on the ticket and the Swoop flight.

Ways to Connect with Swoop Airlines:

By phone: to get in touch with someone from Swoop airlines customer service to clear your doubts and queries, you can call on Swoop Airlines' Phone Number. The customer service person will provide you with the required assistance. To call, try the following:

  • Dial 1-587-441-1001, follow the IVR,
  • Press 1- to confirm your language
  • Press 2- for queries on booking
  • Press 3- for queries on cancellation
  • Press 4- to request special assistance services
  • Press # - for speaking to someone at Swoop airlines.

By Live chat: You can talk to someone through a written message from a live chat window. It is a good option as a passenger can conveniently do it to get an immediate response from the customer service person and get help on the issues and concerns. To start the live chat, apply the procedure explained below:

  • Go to the official site of Swoop Airlines
  • Click on need help 
  • Click on the chat icon 
  • A chat window appears on the screen
  • Choose the topic of query from the chat window
  • Type your query 
  • Click on the sent tab
  • Continue the discussion with the Swoop airlines customer service representative via text.

Both the methods explained above will connect immediately to customer service and Talk to Someone at Swoop to get help or request assistance at the airport or flight. You can also use the ways mentioned below for contact:

Contact form: If you go to the official site of Swoop airlines, you can find a contact form to connect with Swoop airlines customer service. On this form, you can mention general queries and wait for detailed information from Swoop airlines. To get to the form:

  • Reach the Swoop Airlines webpage
  • Click on the need help tab on the home page
  • Select the topic of your query
  • A form appears on the screen
  • Fill out the form with the necessary details
  • Enter your query
  • Click on the submit button

After assessing the form, Swoop airlines customer service will get back to you with the answers to the queries mentioned on the contact form.

Social media: suppose while traveling with Swoop Airlines, you faced a little bit of trouble at the airport; you can go to any of the social media platforms and mention your issues for quick attention from the customer service person. Following are the social media handles of Swoop airlines:

  • send your message of any urgent query through this page for instant assistance.
  • write a suggestion, complaint, or share your appreciation of the customer service on this page.
  • for reviews on services and swoop airlines pictures, can check the Instagram handle.
  • Linked for media and business queries, you can join Swoop airlines' LinkedIn page.

Bottom Line 

Besides all the modes described, you can download the Swoop airlines app on your mobile to create an account to receive various information on the deals and offers from Swoop airlines through emails and text messages.

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