How Many Bags are Allowed on Asiana Airlines?

Asiana Airlines offers the best discount for you and provides the cheapest flight bookings, so you do not have to worry about your budget, and you can travel to your dream destinations. If you need to know and want to know, How many bags are allowed on Asiana Airlines? Here is the weight mentioned below:

You can carry a full two bags that should be 62 linear inches/157 cm in dimensions, and the maximum Weight should be for Economy Class passengers: 50 lb/23 kg. There are different weights for different classes. To know more about the policies, you may read the information that is given below, or you can also talk to their customer care by airlines phone number for more information:

Baggage Types

  • The first one is Checked Baggage, which is consigned to the airline for transport with a baggage tag issued.

  • The second one is Carry-on Baggage that is not checked but carried into the cabin.

  • The third one is Excess Baggage, which is not limited.

Baggage policy for carry-on and check-in baggage

Passengers traveling to or from the US, US territories, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

  • Baggage is allowed: 2 pieces.

  • Maximum dimensions should be 62 linear inches/157 cm (length + width + height)

  • Weight is different for Economy, first, and business class passengers.

  • For Economy class passengers, you can carry 50 lb/ 23 kg.

  • For First and Business class passengers, you can carry 70 ln/ 32 kg.

  • You can carry extra luggage like a laptop, handbag, child kinds of stuff, etc.

Passengers who are traveling to other destinations.

  • Maximum Weight should be for Economy class passengers: 44 lb/20 kg. 

  • Maximum Weight should be for Business Class Passengers: 66 lb/30 kg total.

  • Maximum Weight should be First Class Passengers: 88 lb/40 kg total.

You can also check baggage policy from the Asiana Airlines website that is, and learn the different approaches.

Excess Baggage

Asiana Airlines has an excess baggage policy in which you can carry more bags than the allowance that is given to you. The maximum weight you may carry is 70 lb/ 150kg. If your Baggage exceeds the Weight or linear restrictions, You will be charged an additional cost or fee. You can go to the Asiana Airlines contact number for further information, as this is based on your destination and departing airport.

Sports Equipments 

Sports equipment charges an extra fee because of its size and Weight, or other handling requirements will be charged an excess or additional cost even if the kit replaces one of your allowed baggage pieces. 


Depending on your destination, you can carry a maximum of 2 luggage bags. Sports equipment charges extra cost also musical instruments will also charge an extra fee. If you have any queries about the luggage policy, you may visit the website or get in touch with Asiana Airlines' phone number at any time. Their customer services are available 24/7 for you, so they can solve all your queries. You can also visit their social media handles to learn and know more about Asiana Airlines.

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