How many Bags are you Allowed on Ethiopian Airlines?

Obtain the baggage information on Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines is Ethiopia's flag carrier and is wholly owned by the country's government. It makes everything unique when you reserve your flight ticket on its official booking website and saves a lot of money. It provides discounted flight booking service to your required destination and ensures you can ideally check with specific guidance and help at your required time. It lets you carry your essential baggage and take personal items to make your travel journey to your required destination at the right time. If you want to get complete baggage information, dial Ethiopian Airlines' contact number is available to connect with a live person who is free to assist you at your required time securely. Get complete help with the baggage service and make your travel experience with your essential baggage every time.

How many bags are you allowed on Ethiopian Airlines?

While planning for a flight booking service, you always think about the class of booking that you can select during a reservation. You can choose a booking class and quickly get information about the baggage you can carry to your required destination. This blog will help you to select at least 1 to 2 baggage free in the Economy and Business class as per the class of booking. Discover your destination, choose the baggage information you will find as per the class of booking, and get complete help to make your reservation secure. Suppose you wish to know more details about how many bags you are allowed on Ethiopian Airlines. In that case, you must check with the genuine points provided by the customer representative team available to assist you at any time.

  • You can choose your baggage in the Economy class and carry one piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 23 kg and dimensions required 118 cm.
  • Generally, you can travel with single baggage in business class, and the weight required for the bag is around 32 kg with equal dimensions.
  • When you make your flight journey in business class, you can carry two pieces of personal items and baggage with a maximum weight of 7 kg per passenger.
  • When you select Economy class and want to carry two pieces of luggage, you have to pay some service charge and take care of the baggage weight and dimensions.
  • When you select cabin baggage, your checked luggage has a strict limitation unless you want to pay additional fees and secure your booking with the baggage service especially.
  • If you are traveling with your hold baggage must not exceed more than 158 cm cumulated width + height + length, and the weight must not be above 23 kg each on Ethiopian Airlines.


Indeed, Ethiopian Airlines usually allows you to bring only one carry-on bag and one or two pieces of checked luggage that you can experience in each class when you plan your travel to your required destination. Suppose you wish to get complete guidance and help for more information and want to share queries related to baggage service. In that case, you can dial Ethiopian Airlines' phone number is available to assist you with the baggage information and other services at your required time securely.   

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