How much baggage is allowed in Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways works to provide the most luxurious and premium class service to the passengers once they make the right choice to book the tickets with the airline. Even so, if you are worried as a passenger about How much baggage is allowed in Qatar Airways?. There is no need to stress anymore as the airline has clearly defined the baggage policy governing them, which the passenger can adhere to make their travel a seamless experience. 

Brief about the diversified baggage allowance in Qatar Airways:

There are majorly two types of baggage allowance with the airline; hand baggage and checked baggage. The passenger can refer to the details of the limitations in weight and dimensional specifications by going over the content provided below:

Hand Baggage Allowance details:

The airline usually allows the passenger to carry one hand baggage other than the allowed checked-in baggage. The number of bags allowed varies accordingly with the class and the destination. 

  • Economy class passengers: The passengers traveling in the economy are allowed to carry a single baggage that should not exceed the weight limit of 7 kg.
  • Business Class and First Class Passengers: Airlines allow the passenger traveling in this class two pieces of baggage, not exceeding the total weight of 15 kg. 

Note: Please ensure that

  1. The baggage carried by the passenger should fall within the dimensional range of 50x37x25cm (20x15x10in), individually. 
  2. Personal items of the passenger can be carried, which can include the handbag, infant basket, and small briefcase, along with the items purchased under the category of duty-free. 
  3. The laptop and the bag it is used to carry must fit within the allowed hand baggage limit.
  4. The passenger would be allowed to carry gels, aerosols, liquids, and pastes if and only if they carry it in a 100 ml vessel sealed in a transparent, easily sealable bag with a dimension of 20x20cm (8x8in). 

Checked Baggage Allowance specifications:

The bags that are checked in through the airport check-in counters must adhere to the baggage limit that has been specified by Qatar Airways, which is:

  • Business Class Passengers: They are allowed to carry a total of 40 kg with a dimension not more than 300 cm. The flights from Africa or the Americas should only carry 2 bags of 32 kg with a dimension of 158 cm.
  • First class passengers: The airline allows the passenger to carry a total weight of 50 kg, having the length of the bag as 300 cm. The passengers traveling from the Americas or Africa are allowed to carry 32 kg, a total of 2 bags with measurements not more than 158 cm.
  • Economy Class passengers: There Economy class passengers are further sub-divided into categories where the weight limit for various classes is:
  1. Economy lite: 20 kg
  2. Economy Classic: 25 kg
  3. Economy Convenience: 30 kg
  4. Economy Comfort: 35 kg

Wrapping Up: After reading the specifications stated and particulars given about the baggage policy with the airline, the passenger would be quite satisfied to get clarity on the number of bags allowed. Even so, if they want to connect with the airline, they can do so by placing the call at Qatar Airlines' phone number, where the agent would provide the required support.  

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