How Much Refund do I Get if My Flight is Cancelled?

Assume you have booked a ticket with an airline. After the booking is complete, it turns out that, for some inevitable reason, you will be unable to take the scheduled flight. Further, you cannot predict when to make the journey, so the rescheduling option is unavailable. Therefore, after the Flight is Canceled, you must know whether you are eligible for the Refund on the canceled tickets.

 Refund policy:

Most airlines have almost the same policies for Refund which are as follows:

  •  A full refund will be made if you cancel the tickets before the expiry of 24 hours of booking.
  • If you cancel the tickets after 24 hours of booking, you will get a refund after the deduction of cancellation charges.
  • If you have a fully refundable ticket, you will get a total refund on cancellation.
  • For most airlines, if you have purchased a business/first-class ticket, it can be canceled with a full refund.
  • The essential condition for a Refund is that the ticket must be canceled before the scheduled flight's departure.
  • Sometimes if you can give proof of a medical emergency or the death of a relative, the airline refunds the money on canceled tickets.
  • If the flight is canceled because of the airline’s fault, you will get a full refund.
  • Lastly, every airline has specific terms and conditions to comply with to get a refund.

How to Get a Refund:

After you have gone through the cancellation process of tickets for your scheduled flight, you can claim the refund money from the airline. There are numerous ways through which you can ask for a refund from the airline:

Refund request form: If you reach the official websites of an airline, there will be a refund request form available for passengers to fill out and submit after canceling the tickets. To get to the form, try the steps below:

  • Visit the official webpage of the airline you have booked the tickets
  • Go to manage my booking or my trips on the homepage of the airline's site
  • Cancel the tickets, following the given procedure
  • Pay for the cancellation, if needed
  •  a refund form option will appear after the cancellation is complete
  • Fill out the form with relevant details
  • Submit the form.

An airline's customer service will assess the refund form and confirm if you are eligible for a refund. 

Phone: you can call the airline's customer service to gather information and request a Refund on your canceled the following to contact:

  • Find the customer service number of the airline you have booked the tickets from the official website of the said airline.
  • Call on the customer service number.
  • Follow the IVR, press the refund key, or speak to a customer service person for assistance.
  • You can get your required knowledge on refund conditions from the airline customer service representative and also confirm the refund status.

Email: You can find out the email id of the airline’s customer service and send a mail asking for confirmation on the Refunds Do I Get if my Flight is canceled by the airline or by the passenger himself?

Therefore the above-explained modes will give you a good deal of information on the policies and methods of getting a refund from an airline.

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