How to Book group Flight Tickets with KLM Airlines?

KLM is well-known for ensuring that the passengers get the best service from the time of booking, on the flight, or at the airport from when they reach their desired destination. If you need to book a flight ticket for more than nine people under the same PNR, you must make the reservation under Group Booking. The steps that need to be followed and the rules required to be known to make the Group booking with KLM are mentioned and explained here in detail for you. 

The process to reserve the KLM Group Booking ticket 

The steps and process that need to be followed to book group flight tickets with KLM Airlines for more than nine passengers, avail the benefits of a group booking, and get the best service and comfort in their flight. 

To make a reservation for a Group in KLM, the passenger must 'request the quote' from the airline.

  • The link or option to send a request can find on the official website's group booking page. 
  • For this, initially, they need to get onto the airline's official website.
  • Click on the Information option given at the top tab of the homepage, after which you need to click on the 'Request a quote' option. 
  • You will see a page on your screen where you may choose between a travel agency, an organization or company, or the group coordinator leader. 
  • You will see a form on your screen that you must fill out with the required details on the travel agency, group type, country/region, address, and more.
  • Once finished, quickly recheck it before submitting your form. 
  • After submitting the form, it might take up to 24 hours before you hear back from the airline and can book the trip. 

The travelers can call the KLM group booking phone number and request the group booking from the airline's representative. 

Benefits of Making Group Booking With KLM

The passengers can avail of some benefits when they proceed to make the group booking, which is mentioned and explained here as follows. 

  • Before confirming your reservation, give yourself extra time to ponder.
  • Obtain greater payment and cancellation flexibility.
  • Later, you can add more individuals to your party (a different fee may apply).
  • Free of charge, reserve basic seats.
  • Before tickets are produced, you can freely change the names of the passengers.
  • If KLM, Air France, or Delta Air Lines is responsible for your flights, get a single contract for your group's journey. (Note that group bookings for Delta Air Lines flights may not be possible in your nation.)
  • Visit the KLM Group Desk for assistance.
  • Earn Flying Blue Miles for yourself or blue credits for your business.

Conditions and costs

The number of people, available seats, the place of travel, the dates of travel, and the average ticket price for the travel class all go into the final cost of your custom quotation while booking flight tickets with KLM Airlines. All group members' checked luggage is included in the ticket price.

The terms of your group's reservation depend on the number of passengers, the nation of departure, the time of booking, the number of days before departure, the number of seats available, special events and promotions, and the form of payment.

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