KLM Airlines Airport office in São Paulo

All you need to know about the KLM São Paulo office in Brazil

KLM is a Dutch airline that operates flights to and from São Paulo, Brazil. The KLM São Paulo office is located in the Jardim Paulista neighborhood of São Paulo and serves as the airline's main contact point for customers in Brazil. The office provides customer support, ticket sales, and other services related to KLM's flights in and out of Brazil.

There are several ways to contact the KLM Sao Paulo office; besides, you can call the KLM airlines phone number for instant support. This article contains all the information about contacting the KLM São Paulo office; check this out to update your knowledge. 

Steps to contact KLM customer service over the phone call

  • Dial the KLM customer service number + 55 11 38 78 83 63

  • Choose the language and follow the IVR self-explanatory instructions

  • Press 1 to make a reservation 

  • Press 2 to change/cancel an existing booking 

  • Press 3 to ask about a refund 

  • Press 4 to ask about the luggage 

  • Press 5 for others 

  • Choose the appropriate option and follow the further running instructions 

  • The system will soon provide you with an option to connect with a live person 

  • Stay on the call, and once the live agent comes online, you can talk about your issues in real-time 

In addition to calling on KLM Sao Paulo Office Phone Number, there are also several other ways to contact the KLM São Paulo office; you will learn about them in the content below, 

How to contact KLM Customer service via email?

If you need to share feedback, concerns, etc., you can also opt for the email option to communicate. To send an email here is what you can do:- 

  • First, navigate to the KLM official website and go to the contact us link

  • There you need to select 'email' as a preferred method to contact 

  • In the To section, you can use the email id saopaulo@klm.com.

  • In the subject, enter a concise and clear summary of the inquiry 

  • In the body, provide as much detail as possible about your inquiry or request

  • Once done, click "Send" and wait for a response from KLM's São Paulo office

Other ways to contact the KLM São Paulo office

Via mail: If you feel your complaints are not being appropriately acknowledged or there is any other issue, you can send mail to the KLM São Paulo office address anytime.

Via social media networks: The KLM Sao Paulo office representatives are also available on various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc., so that they can reach out to everyone globally. If you have any concerns, you can send a message to KLM representatives 24/7 using these networks.

  • Navigate to the KLM website, and you need to scroll down the page 

  • At the bottom, all social media links are given; click on the desired one

  • The system will take you to the login page, sign in to your account 

  • Then using the message button. You can share your message directly. 

Conclusion: Going through the information above, you can contact someone at KLM Office in Sao Paulo anytime. Moreover, if you still need further information, you can log in to your account and access personalized support 24/7.

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