What is the phone line for Southwest A list?

Southwest Airlines offers splendid facilities to make your flight journey convenient using its A-List-Priority Status, which makes everything simple in getting more benefits. When eligible for A-List services, you receive great benefits such as priority boarding and same-day change without paying any extra charges. If you are authentic for priority service, you must dial Southwest A-list phone number at 1-888-737-1005, which is available for the priority phone line service. To get A list-preferred priority phone line service, dial 1 888 737 1006 and get more benefits during your flight. Learn more about it and enjoy a trick to earn tier status and other perks this coming year by getting the dedicated phone line service.

What is the phone line for Southwest A list?

When you get the A-list membership, it comes with the two tiers of Southwest elite status. It helps you provide the various benefits of A-list status, including access to fly-by-priority check-in and security access lanes. Hence, if you are new to flying with Southwest and want more benefits and services, be familiar with the A-List membership. Get the essential points below to earn an A list on Southwest Airlines.   

  • To earn A-list status, you get a facility to fly 20 qualifying one-way flights or earn 35000 tier qualifying points within one calendar year.
  • If you want to qualify for preferred priority and have a rapid reward credit card, you need to spend around $5000 and become eligible to earn at least 1500 tier qualifying points.
  • When you fly with 40 Southwest Airlines for one way or earn 70000 tier qualifying points per calendar year, you get the A-list preferred status.
  • When planning your flight journey one way with Southwest Airlines, it is defined as one trip that starts from an origin to a destination city including any intermediate stops or connections for other Southwest flights.

Get the benefits of dialing A-list benefits?

If you have earned an A-list priority membership, you will quickly receive a rapid reward A-list status for 120 days that you can extend for a longer time. So, being an A-List member, you will get the excellent benefits as elaborated below.

  • You will enjoy the priority and express lanes depending on the dedicated A-list phone line service.
  • It is reserved for your flight check-in; get a 25% bonus on all qualifying Southwest flights and same-day change and same-day standby benefits free on Southwest Airlines.
  • A-list membership will help you to access priority boarding and enjoy an earlier boarding service for your flight.
  • Get the dedicated A-List member phone line service that helps you to connect directly with a customer representative who guides you for your priority and preferred phone line services.   

You receive more advantages with all the perks that you get after earning an A-list membership. Get free WI-FI in-flight service, the ability to select your best seat, baggage service, etc. But if you need any help with A-list phone line services, dial Southwest customer service phone number at 1-888-202-1024 and share your queries to get the answer over a phone call promptly. 

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