Can I Cancel My American Airlines Flight?

Some emergency happened in your family due to this, and you are going to cancel your American Airlines flight. But the difficulty is you don’t know if American will allow you to cancel the flight. how? So, “yes,” you can easily cancel your American Airlines flight. And you will cancel it by two methods that you will find in this article. For that, you need to go through the article stated there. 

Moreover, American Airlines has a cancellation policy to cancel AA tickets easily. Thus, whenever you cancel your ticket, it is necessary to go through the policy. After that, you must request to cancel the flight on American Airlines. So, if you don’t know about the American Airlines Cancellation Policy, here you will learn about it.

Require to Pay Cancellation Penalty:

  1. Passengers must pay the penalty when they cancel their flight after 24 hours of reserving the tickets.
  2. The airline will take a penalty from the passengers when they cancel their flight up to 2 hours before flying the flight. 
  3. Passengers have to pay the price between the $200 to $75

Don’t require to pay cancellation penalty:

  1. The airline didn’t take any fare from their travelers when they canceled their flight within 24 hours of booking.
  2. If American Airlines can cancel the flight, a traveler doesn’t require to pay any charge.
  3. Due to court summons, passengers don’t have to pay any fare if they cancel their flight ticket.
  4. Cancellation in COVID, the airline didn’t take any charge from their travelers.

After going through the cancellation policy, you can easily cancel your American Airlines flight. There you will get the methods of canceling the flight under this article. 

Methods of canceling the flight with American Airlines

There are two methods by which you can easily cancel your flight. So, that is

Through customer service: A passenger can promptly cancel their flight by going to the “contact us” page under the web page. And, take the American Airlines Phone Number and dial it and call on 800-433-7300. And the call will convert into an IVR call. Therefore, you must listen to it carefully.

  • Press 1 to choose the language
  • Click 2 to book
  • Press 3 to change
  • Click 4 to cancel the AA flight ticket
  • Press 5 to speak with the live representative of AA customer service.

Thus, to cancel the AA flight ticket, press 4. And, through call, request the airline person to cancel your ticket, and pay the amount for canceling the tickets. And further, the airline will notify you. 

Via website: A passenger can easily revoke their flight ticket. For that, they have to launch on their browser.

  1. Go to the “manage trips/ check-in” option
  2. Fill out the column “passenger’s last name” & “confirmation/ record locator.”
  3. Tap on the “find your trip.”
  4. Then, full details of your reserved flight are now on your screen
  5. Cancel your flight by tapping on the cancel button 
  6. Pay the penalty if it is required

Further, you will get the message “your flight canceled with American Airlines flight” in your registered mail.

Hence, whenever you cancel your flight ticket with AA, pursue this article to cancel your flight ticket. And if you face any difficulty, call on 800-433-7300 the customer service person to resolve the issue. 

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