How Do I Cancel My Air Canada Flight?

Suppose you booked a flight ticket with Air Canada, and just before the departure date, you had a minor accident because of which you cannot travel. Now you want to opt for cancellation, but before choosing this option, one should understand that Can I Cancel my Air Canada flight without any penalties? If you are stuck in the same dilemma, then keep reading the information below to learn the policies and process of cancellation.

What are the Air Canada Flight Cancellation Policies?

  • Passengers are not bound to pay the cancellation fee and will be provided a full refund if the cancellation process is made within 24 hours of the purchase window. Also, the cancellation date should be prior one week or more days before making a claim.
  • Some ticket fares need to be reserved in advance, so if the third-party travel agency fails to generate the ticket number on the advance reservation requirement date, then the airline can cancel your booking. 
  • The airline will forfeit your travel funds in case the passenger fails to reach the airport on time. Passengers will not be provided a refund unless they lose the flight due to specified reasons.
  • If the passenger is severely ill or had the death of a close one in his family. he can apply for cancellation without any charges and will get a refund from the airline after submitting the supporting documents.
  • In case you are going to an international location, then you will have to reach the airport and get the check-in process completed 90 minutes before the flight departure. If the passenger fails to apply the check-in guidelines, then it can result in cancellation and forfeiture of travel points. 
  • The airline flight cancellation is applied to unused or unflown flight parts.

What is the process of flight cancellation with Air Canada?

Passengers can opt for cancellation by using online and offline modes. The flight can be canceled via the website, phone call, or direct visit to the airport.

 Through Online-

  • You will have to visit the official website at  
  • Find and hit the ‘Manage Booking’ section page.
  • You have to enter your booking credentials and last name to access your flight reservation. 
  • Select the trip and proceed further to cancel your booking.
  • On the next page, your refund amount will be displayed on the screen as the cancellation fee, if applicable.
  • Proceed further if you are satisfied with the given amount. Then complete the process. You will receive an email confirmation at your registered email. 

Through Phone Number

  • If you have to cancel your flight but cannot do it online by yourself, then you can opt for flight cancellation through the Air Canada Customer Phone Number assistance of a live representative on call at 1-888-247-2262. 

Through Airport

You can also go for cancellation at the last moment by visiting the airport and asking the authorities for cancellation on your behalf. Go to the Air Canada ticket counter and ask the representative present there to process your request on your behalf. Provide the relevant details to complete the process.


In case you are still confused about the cancellation process, then dial the Air Canada Contact Number and ask for the required help.

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