How Do I Change My Flight Date on Delta ?


Delta is one of the oldest and one of the most consistent airlines in the US regarding customer service. Delta offers several advantages to its customers. Delta Allows its customers to change the date on their flight ticket before departure. To know how to Change My Flight Date on Delta, you should first learn about Delta flight date change policies.

Policies of Delta airlines to Change Flight Dates:

  • Twenty-four hours flight date change: When a passenger changes their flight ticket date within 24 hours of booking, no charges will be applicable on any ticket. The date of the departure of the flight must be a week or more away from the date of the booking ticket booking date

  • No penalty on primary cabin tickets: No penalty is applicable on the Main cabin or above tickets on flights originating from North America. Passengers with main cabin or above tickets can change their date any time before their flight departure. Any value remaining will be credited as e-credit. 

  • The cost difference in tickets: Sometimes, changing the date of your flight ticket may cost you more than the previously booked ticket date. In that, you need to pay the difference in money at the time of the date change.

  • Non-changeable tickets: Basic economic tickets are non-changeable. You cannot date on primary economic tickets.

  • No-value tickets after departure: Tickets are not changed after the flight release and hold no value to change, cancel or refund the ticket.

Steps to Change Flight Date on Delta:

You can change the date on your flight ticket by the following method:

Customer number: You can also speak to Delta Customer Services to change the date on your flight ticket. Take the following steps to talk to the customer representative of Delta to change your flight date:

  • Visit the Delta Airlines website.

  • Then click on the Contact Us option.

  • You will get the customer assistant number on the Delta website. You can call 1800-221-1212 and talk to the Delta representative to change your flight date.

Online method: To change your flight date online you must follow the below steps.

  • Visit the website of Delta Airlines,

  • Click on Manage Manage my trips.

  • Here you must enter your booking reference number and your last name present on the ticket.

  • Your ticket will get open on the screen. Look for the option of changing the date.

  • Click on the Change Date option. When you click on it, select the desired date. If seats are available on your chosen date, it will ask you to confirm it.

  • As ticket fares sometimes differ from date to date, you might need to pay extra charges for the flight ticket.

  • Proceed to payment if applicable. Confirm the ticket

  • If your ticket costs less than the original one, then your remaining ticket cost will be credited as e-credit. 

  • In this way, you can easily change the flight ticket by visiting the website of Delta Airlines.

Delta Airlines have an easy flight date change policy and method. You can contact Delta airlines on Delta Contact Number and speak to the representative, or change the flight date from the Manage my trip option on the Delta website.

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