Does Swoop Refund for Cancelled Flights?

Yes, Swoop Airlines gives a refund for canceled flights. If you have made a booking with Swoop Airline, you are forced to cancel the trip. For being able to cancel the completed booking, you must be aware of the various guidelines that you must keep a note on to be able to cancel the booking. You can either call Swoop Airlines' Phone Number or go through the details given below to get the needful done. 

Swoop Airlines Refund Process 

If you wish to get a refund, you can choose to follow the steps given below after canceling the ticket: 

  • Browse through the official website of swoop airlines  

  • Tap on my bookings option. 

  • Enter the confirmation code and last name of the passenger. 

  • You will be taken to the booking summary page. 

  • On this page, from the menu icon list, choose the Refund option by tapping on the currency icon. 

  • Then, you will be forwarded to the refund form. Fill out the form. Provide the required details, such as traveler details, flight details, bank account details, etc., and then submit it on the official website. 

  • After submitting the refund form, you will receive an email to your registered email address. 

  • You will also get a refund ticket number along with the email so that you can refer to the same for future requirements.

Swoop Airlines Refund Policy

If you wish to get Swoop Refund for Cancelled flights, you must go through the refund policy. The guidelines included in the refund policy are as follows: 

  • If you cancel the made booking within 24 hours of making the purchase that is bought before seven days, you can get a refund for the same. 

  • If you have a refundable reservation, you can cancel anytime before three or more hours. 

  • If the airline cancels your booking, you will be entitled to get a refund from the team. You might even claim compensation from the team of the airlines. 

  • If there is a delay of over four hours, you can choose to cancel the booking and avail yourself of a refund from the team. 

  • A 24-hour policy is available for every ticket, irrespective of the fare rules of the ticket. 

Swoop Airlines cancellation charges 

If you have a non-refundable reservation, you will not receive any refund for a canceled flight. But in fact, the airlines shall compensate you with travel credits, vouchers, etc. 

If you have a refundable ticket bought after seven days from the departure date, you can choose to cancel the booking by paying the cancellation charge ranging between $75 to $150. 

Bottom Line

Hopefully, the above content provides all the required details. If you still have any issues related to these, you can choose either the Swoop customer services phone number or surf through the official website of Swoop Airlines. You can choose to give them a call and then grab all the required information. You can call them at 1-587-441-1001. There are also other ways through which you can contact them. The various other ways to contact them are through chat, email, contact form, social media, etc. 

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