How Long does it Take for Avianca to Refund?

Avianca Refund

Avianca airline is a Columbian airline that is very famous across Columbia. Sometimes it happens that you have your flight scheduled with Avianca airlines, but because of some reasons, you may not be able to take your flight. The reason can be any ranging from a flat tire issue which is very common when you are about to arrive at the airport, and another reason could be you fell ill before the departure time of the plane, which has caused you to miss the flight with the Avianca airlines. You might be looking for the answer to how long it  Avianca to refund, then you are on the right page; here, you will be explained all the things you need to know regarding the Avianca refund


  • you can cancel refundable tickets with or without cancelation charges; it all depends on the fare conditions of your ticket. 
  • If Avianca airlines cancel your flight for any reason, you can take an alternative flight, or you can also cancel the same flight and ask them to provide you with a refund
  • 24 hours cancelation policy states that if the ticket is purchased directly from Avianca at least seven days before departure, then you can cancel within 24 hours of the purchase of the ticket then you will not be paying the ticket charges to the airline
  • If the airline delays your flight and it causes you to miss the connecting flight on the same booking, you can take the next flight, which is available at no extra charge. 
  • If you cancel an unused portion of the ticket and unused special services and seek a penalty-free refund
  • If you are ill, you will be given a refund after providing the airlines with valid medical proof of illness

Procedure for Cancelation of Avianca Airlines

You can cancel the Avianca booking in the following two ways

  1. Online 
  2. Phone call

You can cancel the ticket with Avianca airlines via online mode. You can make a cancelation online by going to the website of Avianca airlines. Follow the steps for making your cancellation via the online process

  • Go to the website of Avianca
  • Click on my trips
  • Select the trip to be canceled
  • Click on cancelation
  • Then submit

You will receive a confirmation of the cancelation of your ticket on your registered mobile number and the email address you provided.

Using phone call

Avianca airlines provide an exceptional customer helpline which can be contacted when you are facing any issues with the airline. If suppose you want to make a cancelation and you want your refund back, you can call the Avianca Phone Number,

 After connecting to Avianca's phone number, you can ask the representative to cancel the ticket and give you a refund within the said time as per the policy of Avianca airlines. 

Refund Time Taken 

If the refund is made by Avianca airlines in the form of a voucher, you will get your refund within 20 days of your refund request. And if you want your refund in the form of cash, check, or credit card, then you will receive a refund from the airline within 30 days of the refund request. 

You can still call the Avianca Customer Helpline to learn more about refund-related issues for Avianca airlines. If you are unable to get your refund within the said time by Avianca airlines 

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