Can I Cancel Swoop Flight Within 24 Hours?

Yes, you can cancel your Swoop flight within 24 hours of the initial flight booking to your destination. Swoop has maintained 24 hours as a risk-free period for flight change or cancellation. According to it, if any passenger changes his mind after making a flight booking, then they can modify their reservation or cancel their flight ticket without paying any charges; on top of that, they are also eligible to claim a refund for their cancellations. To Cancel the Swoop flight within 24 hours, Customers must refer to the airline cancellation policies and procedures described in the forthcoming section.

Swoop Airline's flight cancellation procedure: To cancel their Swoop ticket, customers need to follow a particular process. There are mainly two ways to flight cancellation. People are free to use any of the below-mentioned alternatives to cancel their Swoop flight:

Online flight cancellation:

  • Start the process by visiting the official Swoop airlines website.

  • Select your preferred language to explore the page according to your country from the top of the web page.

  • Now you need to login into your account to continue the process.

  • Now tap the “My Bookings” option from the main menu.

  • To find your reservation, you must enter the reservation code and passenger’s last name and tap on “find my booking.”

  • Once you discover the desired flight option, you must click on “cancel reservation.”

  • Finally, press the confirm button to end the procedure.

  • After successfully canceling your ticket, you will receive a flight cancellation message on your registered number, which can be used to claim a refund. 

Offline flight cancellation: Another method that can be used by customers to cancel their Swoop flight is by reaching customer care services. For this, they need to dial Swoop Customer Services Phone Number: 1-587-441-1001/ +1-802-302-5016

After which, they will be guided to select one number from the presented IVR menu to get in contact with the person who can cancel their reservations. They must mention their traveling details and cancellation reason to the representative.

Swoop Airlines Flight cancellation policies: 

Following Flight change policies must be followed by the customers to cancel their reservation:

  • If any customer cancels their flight booking within the initial 24 hours, and there are at least 7 days or more in the flight departure, then they can cancel their reservation without paying a cancellation fee. They can also claim a refund for their flight cancellation.

  • Swoop does not allow flight cancellation other than the above condition.

  • If you have to cancel your flight due to a medical emergency, then you must attach medical documents to verify your reason.

  • If Swoop airlines cancel your flight ticket, then they will provide you alternate flight to your destination. 

  • If you claim compensation for your canceled flight from Swoop, then the money will be refunded in the original mode of payment.


Passengers must go through the airline set policies mentioned above before canceling their Swoop flights. Also, if they face any issue during their cancellation process, they can reach them by dialing the official Swoop Airlines Phone Number according to their corresponding region during their operating hours. Customer care will assist you in the cancellation process. Customers can also use the official website to modify or cancel their booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my flight and get a refund?

Yes, the passengers traveling with Swoop Airlines are allowed to cancel their reservation and get a refund of their flight ticket. However, the refund amount will depend upon the time you have made the cancellation and proceeded with the refund. To get a refund, you need to know the rules and regulations prescribed in the policy.

Can I cancel the Swoop flight within 24 hours?

Yes, the passengers can cancel their flight ticket within 24 hours to get a complete refund of their flight ticket. As per the 24 hours risk-free period, the passengers can cancel their flight tickets and get a full refund of their ticket amount, irrespective of the ticket type. 

 Does Swoop give refunds?

  • The refund of the flight ticket with Swoop depends upon the rules mentioned in the policy.
  • As per the policy of the airline, if the passengers cancel their non-refundable flight ticket after 24 hours of reservation, in that case, they will get a travel credit of half of their ticket amount for a future booking. 
  • The passengers will get a complete refund if the cancellation is made due to any medical emergency. However, they have to provide the necessary documents. 
  • If the airline makes the cancellation of your flight ticket, then the passengers will get the complete amount of their flight ticket back. 

 How much is the cancellation fee for Swoop airlines?

If the passengers cancel their Swoop airlines flight ticket 72 hours (3 days) before the scheduled departure, they have to pay up to $150 per passenger as a cancellation fee. Other than that, if the cancellation is made seven days before the scheduled departure, the passengers will have to pay $100 per passenger. 

 Does Swoop allow cancellation?

  • The airlines allow the cancellation of flight tickets per the rules and regulations mentioned here.
  • The passenger can cancel within 24 hours of reservation without paying any cancellation charges. Provided the reservation is made at least seven days before the scheduled departure.
  • If there is a delay of more than three hours in the scheduled flight departure and the passengers proceed to cancel their flight ticket, they can get a complete refund of their flight ticket and compensation for the same.

 How can I cancel my flight ticket online?

  • The most basic step is to get onto the official website of Swoop Airlines and look for the ‘Manage Booking’ option. 
  • Enter the PNR number as well as the last name of the passenger to proceed further. 
  • Once you get onto the flight details page, look for the cancellation option. 
  • Follow the on-screen process to make cancelation of your flight ticket and proceed to the payment page. 
  • Make the payment for the cancellation charges, after which you’ll receive the confirmation in your registered email.

 Does Swoop allow cancellation?

Yes, the passengers are allowed to cancel their flight tickets even a few hours before the scheduled departure, provided they have yet to make the check-in, as it is not entitled to cancel their flight ticket after check-in.

 Can I cancel my flight without a fee?

There are some conditions under which the passengers can cancel their flight ticket without paying the fee if they cancel within 24 hours of reservation, due to any medical emergency or under the frequent flyer program.


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