Can I Upgrade My Seat on Volaris?

If you have booked a flight ticket on Volaris, but you are not satisfied with the seats reserved and wondering, "can I Upgrade my Seat on Volaris?" Then the airline provides the flexibility to upgrade your seats. If you want to know the procedure and policies, then you must proceed to read the forthcoming section and get detailed information.

Volaris seat upgrade policies: Volaris has set certain seat upgrade policies that must be obeyed by the customers before requesting to change a seat. A quick overview is given below:

  • A seat can only be upgraded if the desired option is available. So the seat map must be checked by the customers on the official website before finalizing the option.
  • If passengers proceed to upgrade seats, then they are required to pay the remaining amount to the airline.
  • You may use your miles to purchase your preferred seat.
  • You need to pay the seat selection charges to the airline 

"What is the Procedure to Upgrade your Seat on Volaris Airlines?"

If you wish to change your seat from one travel class to another, then you can do so by following any of the following available alternatives:

  • Seat upgrade by online process
  • Seat upgrade by reaching the customer care service of the airline

The detailed description of each of the processes is described below. You can follow them carefully to make the modifications

Seat upgrade by online process: This is a straightforward method to change your flight seat option after making a reservation. Volaris provides the following seating options:

Premium seats

Standard seats

You can use the following instructions to upgrade your seats from standard class to premium;

  • Visit the official Volaris website through your browser. You can also use the mobile application of the airline from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Login to your Volaris account using your account information.
  • Now enter your preferences to find the flights to your desired destinations. 
  • Once you get the list of available options, proceed to make a reservation by filling in all the personal and contact information of the traveler.
  • Now proceed to click on the "seat select" option and see the Volaris seat map to learn about the available options and their charges.
  • Tap the seat you wish to choose and make a payment by your preferred mode of payment. You can also upgrade using your miles.
  • Soon you will be provided the confirmation mail and seating information on your registered email address.

Seat upgrade by using customer care services: If due, for any reason, you are not able to use the online method, then this is the best solution to make the changes.

You need to dial the official Volaris Contact Number: 8558652747

After which, you will be connected to the computer-generated voice that will guide you to press one of the alternatives from the IVR menu. After selecting the correct option, your call will be connected to the customer care representative. You must provide the passenger's traveling details and request them to do the seat upgrade. You can end the process by making an online payment and asking them to send you a seat confirmation number.

If you cannot reach Volaris Phone Number, then you can use the live chat option & request a callback.


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