How Do I Upgrade My Seat on WestJet?

Learn the Policy and Way to Upgrade a Seat

Passengers who often fly always expect the airlines to provide hassle-free services so passengers can enjoy the beginning of a trip that begins right with sitting in a plane and heading towards the destination. However, the beauty enhances when you get a window seat, or any other seat in Business class, etc., of your desire. Now you must be planning to upgrade a seat and wondering whether WestJet Airlines provides this facility or not. So the answer to it is yes. Suppose you have already booked a ticket and are wondering how I can Upgrade My Seat on WestJet. So, below is a detailed discussion about it, where all your doubts will be resolved. Have a look at it:

Ways to Upgrade Your Seat

Understand the Policy to Upgrade a Seat.

Passengers upgrade their seats, for a delightful beginning of the trip, with a drink in one hand, food on the table, and a beautiful view outside of the window; however, to upgrade (for example, from an economic class seat to a business class seat) a seat one must understand various points that had been laid down by the airlines for passengers to read before they upgrade their seats and those are following:

  • Upgrade fees are non-refundable.
  • For the Basic fares, there is no availability for the upgradation of a seat.
  • There will be no change in the baggage allowance. (if you decide to upgrade to Premium.)
  • The food and drinks facility depends on the timings, length, and type of aircraft. 
  • You will be provided priority check-in and lounge facilities.
  • You can upgrade your seats if you are a Gold, platinum, or silver member of the Westjet rewards program. 

Look at the Process to Upgrade a Seat:

If you desire to upgrade a seat, WestJet Airlines has a process. However, upgradation also depends on the availability of the seat in your desired class. Below is the process that will assist you in upgrading your seats:

  • Visit the official website of WestJet Airways (
  • Go to the section "manage trips," and under this, click on "Upgrade your seats."
  • And there, you will see three different ways to upgrade: placing an offer via WestJet Rewards and upgrading the seat at check-in. Suppose you have chosen "placing an offer" to upgrade the seat; in Premium, you will be given priority check-in, more comfortable seats, etc., and in a similar way, there are other offerings for other classes. And in case you are finding the process difficult, you can always dial the WestJet Customer Service Phone Number, which is 1(888) 937-8538. And they will assist you in upgrading your seat.
  • Or, you can go below the page, where you will have an option to "Upgrade your seat" (and fill out the form to check whether your flight is eligible to make changes.)

These were detailed discussions about the policy and ways to upgrade your seats at Westjet. And in case you have any further doubts, you can get the customer executive by calling WestJet's Contact Number, 1(888) 937-8538, and your queries will be resolved. 

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