How Can I Upgrade My Seat on EasyJet?

How will I Upgrade My Flight Seat on EasyJet?

To feel comfortable traveling with any airline, passengers try to receive or upgrade flight tickets to first-class or business class. Travelers shall have booked their flight tickets with EasyJet, and now for their convenience, they want to upgrade their flight tickets to business class. For these circumstances, travelers might ask for a process to Upgrade My Seat on EasyJet. EasyJet is a Swiss airline that gives great deals and discounts to the customers who book flight tickets. They also allow travelers to upgrade their flight seats if there are any available seats on the flight they have booked. 

Before passengers move ahead to upgrade their seats, they have to follow some terms and conditions of EasyJet to avoid mistakes on flight tickets. The flight tickets are basically upgraded, but before that, make sure to follow the airline's policies. The policies of the airline are as follows:

EasyJet seat upgrade policies:

  • If passengers have not checked in their flight tickets, they can upgrade their flight seats two hours before the flight's departure time.
  • If travelers have booked their flight seats through an online process from the official site of the airline, then they can do their check-in manually by themselves.
  • To upgrade the flight seats on EasyJet, passengers need to pay a certain amount of fees for upgrading. The fee structure will be provided by EasyJet Airlines.
  • The prices of upgrading the flight seats will depend upon the types of flight etas or the tie when they upgrade the flight tickets.

Here are some points to upgrade EasyJet flight seats:

After travelers have read the policies of seat upgrading on EasyJet, then they should follow the steps of EasyJet Seat Upgrade. These steps are rendered by the airline itself, and they are as follows in the below paragraph:

  • The first move that passengers should make is to open the official website of EasyJet on any internet browser they prefer to use.
  • On the site of EasyJet, passengers have to look for the ‘manage trip’ option on the top of the screen.
  • Select the option, and a tab will appear where you enter the PNR credentials, like the last name of the passengers with a flight ticket number. Hit on the ‘ok button.’
  • Different options will appear on the manage booking option of the airline. Passengers have to choose the upgrade flight seat option.
  • A seat map will appear on the airline's screen and show the flight tickets' availability.
  • Choose the business class or first class flight map seats and book the seats. After that, the airline will apply the fees for the upgraded seats.
  • Pay the amount, and your EasyJet flight tickets will get upgraded, and the confirmation mail will be sent to you at your mail address.
  • If travelers have booked their flight tickets through a travel agent, they can request the travel agency to update the flight seats to business or first class. The travel agent will do the upgrading without charging an extra penny.


For further support on upgrading flight tickets, passengers have to communicate with the airline's customer service and tell them about their issues. 

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